Mdanzig - Blue Streak #2

Marijuana Seeds - Limited Edition - Mdanzig - Blue Streak #2

Mdanzing Seeds Blue Streak #2 comes from a Blueberry 2004 circa, that was crossed to Master Low. Master Low consists of Dutch Passions "Master Kush" 2003 circa crossed to Joint Doctors Lowryder, and backcrossed again to secure auto-flowering. A wonderfully smelling Blueberry clone only was crossed twice to Master Low, and then inbred for several generations. The heavily pungent smell of "lemon pledge" of Master Kush will shine through at times, along with many smells of fruit, but most always Blueberry. The leaves on her can get very dark green and Indica looking, but will sometimes show a lot of Sativa as well. I'm very proud to offer this newer, better version of Blue Streak. Enjoy!


10 Seed Pack
USD 85.00