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Welcome to the BC Bud Depot. View our entire seed bank listing here. Along with breeding the world's best marijuana seeds for fast and discreet delivery worldwide, the BC Bud Depot also collaborates with other world renowned breeders to bring you the very best and most comprehensive marijuana seed bank in the world today. Find everything you need here, from BC Bud Depot and Scorpion Crew, to European breeders like T.H.Seeds, Soma, and DNA Genetics. Take a look at our awards cabinet and sign up for our newsletter for amazing monthly specials and limited time offers.

Our Complete Seed Listing

Strain Code Seedbank Price  
707 Headband BC77 BC Bud Depot $75.00
Albino Rhino AORO BC Bud Depot $60.00
Amnesia Haze BCAH BC Bud Depot $75.00
Animal Cookies BCAC BC Bud Depot $90.00
BC Big Bud BCBB BC Bud Depot $60.00
BC Cheese BCCZ BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC God Bud BCGB BC Bud Depot $90.00
BC Hash Plant BCHP BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Kush BCKH BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Mango BCMG BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Pinewarp BCPW BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Purple Star BCPS BC Bud Depot $60.00
BC Rockstar BCRS BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Sweet Tooth BCST BC Bud Depot $75.00
Blue Dream BCBD BC Bud Depot $75.00
Bubba God BCBG BC Bud Depot $75.00
Burmese BRMS BC Bud Depot $60.00
CBD God CBDG BC Bud Depot $90.00
Chem Fire BCCF BC Bud Depot $75.00
Cinderella 99 BC99 BC Bud Depot $125.00
Dynamite OG BCDO BC Bud Depot $75.00
Egmont Outdoor EGMT BC Bud Depot $60.00
Fire OG Bx3 BCOF BC Bud Depot $75.00
Girl Scout Cookies BCGC BC Bud Depot $90.00
God's Gift BCGG BC Bud Depot $150.00
Harlequin Bx4 BCHQ BC Bud Depot $90.00
Indoor Mix BCIM BC Bud Depot $50.00
Jack Herer BCJH BC Bud Depot $75.00
Lasqueti Haze BCLH BC Bud Depot $60.00
Lowryder #2 BCLR BC Bud Depot $125.00
Mighty Mite BCMM BC Bud Depot $75.00
Night Nurse BCNN BC Bud Depot $90.00
Northern Lights BCNL BC Bud Depot $75.00
Original Blueberry BCOB BC Bud Depot $90.00
Outdoor Mix BCOM BC Bud Depot $50.00
Pamplemousse BCPG BC Bud Depot $75.00
Purple Afghani BCPA BC Bud Depot $60.00
Purple Buddha BCPB BC Bud Depot $60.00
Shiatsu Kush BCSK BC Bud Depot $75.00
Skunk #1 x Northern Lights SKNL BC Bud Depot $125.00
SoCal Master Kush BCMK BC Bud Depot $75.00
Strawberry Cough BCSC BC Bud Depot $125.00
Sweet Dreams SWDR BC Bud Depot $125.00
Sweet God BCSG BC Bud Depot $75.00
Sweet Island Skunk SISK BC Bud Depot $75.00
Texada Timewarp TXTW BC Bud Depot $75.00
The Big BCBI BC Bud Depot $75.00
The Black BCTB BC Bud Depot $75.00
The Purps BCTP BC Bud Depot $90.00
Truly Fruity BCTF BC Bud Depot $75.00
Tuna God BCTG BC Bud Depot $125.00
UBC Chemo UBCK BC Bud Depot $75.00
Ultimate Purple BCUP BC Bud Depot $75.00
White Widow BCWW BC Bud Depot $75.00
24K Gold DA24 DNA Genetics $100.00
60 Day Lemon DAAL DNA Genetics $85.00
60 Day Wonder DA60 DNA Genetics $85.00
Cannalope Haze DACH DNA Genetics $100.00
Cannalope Kush DACA DNA Genetics $100.00
Chocolope DACL DNA Genetics $100.00
Chocolope Kush DAKC DNA Genetics $100.00
Kosher Kush DAKK DNA Genetics $100.00
Kushberry DAKB DNA Genetics $100.00
Lemon OG Kush DALO DNA Genetics $100.00
Skywalker Kush DASK DNA Genetics $100.00
Sour Diesel DASD DNA Genetics $100.00
CC - Kalasjnikov 47 CC47 Limited Edition $75.00
CC - Original Haze CCOH Limited Edition $70.00
CC - Skunk #1 CCS1 Limited Edition $75.00
CC - Skunk Wreck CCTW Limited Edition $75.00
Deadband FFDB Limited Edition $70.00
Fatal Scorpion FFFS Limited Edition $70.00
Mdanzig - Blue Streak #2 MDBL Limited Edition $85.00
Mdanzig - Sour Spyder MDSS Limited Edition $100.00
ROC Seeds - Grape x Skunk x NL#5 ROC1 Limited Edition $70.00
ROC Seeds - NYC Diesel Romulan ROC2 Limited Edition $70.00
ROC Seeds - Nycd Rom x 89 Skunk ROC4 Limited Edition $70.00
ROC Seeds - Romulan Ghost ROC3 Limited Edition $70.00
Deliquent OG SCDH Scorpion Crew $150.00
Garlic Cheese SCGC Scorpion Crew $150.00
Honey OG SCOG Scorpion Crew $150.00
Super Lemon Jack SCLJ Scorpion Crew $150.00
Wild Berry SCWB Scorpion Crew $150.00
Amethyst Bud SOAB Soma Seeds $175.00
Amnesia Haze SOAH Soma Seeds $200.00
Big Kahuna SOBK Soma Seeds $175.00
Buddha's Sister SOBS Soma Seeds $135.00
Citralah SOCH Soma Seeds $175.00
Free Tibet SOFT Soma Seeds $175.00
Hash Heaven SOHH Soma Seeds $135.00
Kushadelic SOKH Soma Seeds $135.00
Lavender SOLV Soma Seeds $135.00
NYC Diesel SONY Soma Seeds $135.00
Reclining Buddha SORB Soma Seeds $175.00
Rock Bud SOKB Soma Seeds $175.00
Somango SOMG Soma Seeds $135.00
Somanna SOSM Soma Seeds $175.00
Somaui SOSM Soma Seeds $175.00
White Light SOWL Soma Seeds $175.00
White Willow SOWW Soma Seeds $175.00
A-train THAT T.H.Seeds $90.00
Bubblegum THBG T.H.Seeds $210.00
Burmese Kush THBK T.H.Seeds $90.00
Chocolate Chunk THCC T.H.Seeds $120.00
Cold Creek Kush THCK T.H.Seeds $180.00
Darkstar THDS T.H.Seeds $180.00
Heavy Duty Fruity THHD T.H.Seeds $170.00
Kushage THKH T.H.Seeds $90.00
Lambo THLB T.H.Seeds $200.00
Mendocino Madness THMM T.H.Seeds $110.00
MK-Ultra THMK T.H.Seeds $100.00
S.A.G.E. SAGE T.H.Seeds $85.00
Sage 'n Sour THSS T.H.Seeds $100.00
Skunk XXX THSX T.H.Seeds $50.00
The Hog THHG T.H.Seeds $220.00
Wreckage THWK T.H.Seeds $210.00

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