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Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are bred to contain no male chromosomes, which ensures that every plant grown from a feminized seed will be able to produce a crop of sticky and resinous buds. These seeds are 100% female. For growers who require a quick and easy cultivation process without having to sex your plants, feminized seeds are the ideal choice.

Strain Code Seedbank Price  
BC God Bud BCGB BC Bud Depot $90.00
BC Hash Plant BCHP BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Kush BCKH BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Pinewarp BCPW BC Bud Depot $75.00
Cinderella 99 BC99 BC Bud Depot $125.00
Girl Scout Cookies BCGC BC Bud Depot $90.00
God's Gift BCGG BC Bud Depot $150.00
Jack Herer BCJH BC Bud Depot $75.00
Lowryder #2 BCLR BC Bud Depot $125.00
Original Blueberry BCOB BC Bud Depot $90.00
Skunk #1 x Northern Lights SKNL BC Bud Depot $125.00
Strawberry Cough BCSC BC Bud Depot $125.00
Sweet Dreams SWDR BC Bud Depot $125.00
The Purps BCTP BC Bud Depot $90.00
White Widow BCWW BC Bud Depot $75.00
24K Gold DA24 DNA Genetics $100.00
60 Day Lemon DAAL DNA Genetics $85.00
60 Day Wonder DA60 DNA Genetics $85.00
Cannalope Haze DACH DNA Genetics $100.00
Cannalope Kush DACA DNA Genetics $100.00
Chocolope DACL DNA Genetics $100.00
Chocolope Kush DAKC DNA Genetics $100.00
Kosher Kush DAKK DNA Genetics $100.00
Kushberry DAKB DNA Genetics $100.00
Lemon OG Kush DALO DNA Genetics $100.00
Skywalker Kush DASK DNA Genetics $100.00
Mdanzig - Sour Spyder MDSS Limited Edition $100.00
Deliquent OG SCDH Scorpion Crew $150.00
Garlic Cheese SCGC Scorpion Crew $150.00
Honey OG SCOG Scorpion Crew $150.00
Super Lemon Jack SCLJ Scorpion Crew $150.00
Wild Berry SCWB Scorpion Crew $150.00
Buddha's Sister SOBS Soma Seeds $135.00
Hash Heaven SOHH Soma Seeds $135.00
Lavender SOLV Soma Seeds $135.00
NYC Diesel SONY Soma Seeds $135.00
Somango SOMG Soma Seeds $135.00
A-train THAT T.H.Seeds $90.00
Burmese Kush THBK T.H.Seeds $90.00
Kushage THKH T.H.Seeds $90.00
MK-Ultra THMK T.H.Seeds $100.00
S.A.G.E. SAGE T.H.Seeds $85.00
Sage 'n Sour THSS T.H.Seeds $100.00

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