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Strain Code Seedbank Price  
BC Cheese BCCZ BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC God Bud BCGB BC Bud Depot $90.00
BC Hash Plant BCHP BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Kush BCKH BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Mango BCMG BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Sweet Tooth BCST BC Bud Depot $75.00
Blue Dream BCBD BC Bud Depot $75.00
Bubba God BCBG BC Bud Depot $75.00
CBD God CBDG BC Bud Depot $90.00
Dynamite OG BCDO BC Bud Depot $75.00
God's Gift BCGG BC Bud Depot $150.00
Harlequin Bx4 BCHQ BC Bud Depot $90.00
Jack Herer BCJH BC Bud Depot $75.00
Lasqueti Haze BCLH BC Bud Depot $60.00
Night Nurse BCNN BC Bud Depot $90.00
Northern Lights BCNL BC Bud Depot $75.00
Original Blueberry BCOB BC Bud Depot $90.00
Pamplemousse BCPG BC Bud Depot $75.00
Purple Afghani BCPA BC Bud Depot $60.00
Purple Buddha BCPB BC Bud Depot $60.00
Skunk #1 x Northern Lights SKNL BC Bud Depot $125.00
Strawberry Cough BCSC BC Bud Depot $125.00
Sweet Dreams SWDR BC Bud Depot $125.00
Sweet God BCSG BC Bud Depot $75.00
Sweet Island Skunk SISK BC Bud Depot $75.00
The Big BCBI BC Bud Depot $75.00
The Black BCTB BC Bud Depot $75.00
The Purps BCTP BC Bud Depot $90.00
Ultimate Purple BCUP BC Bud Depot $75.00
Chocolope DACL DNA Genetics $100.00
CC - Kalasjnikov 47 CC47 Limited Edition $75.00
CC - Original Haze CCOH Limited Edition $70.00
CC - Skunk #1 CCS1 Limited Edition $75.00
CC - Skunk Wreck CCTW Limited Edition $75.00
Deadband FFDB Limited Edition $70.00
Fatal Scorpion FFFS Limited Edition $70.00
Garlic Cheese SCGC Scorpion Crew $150.00
Honey OG SCOG Scorpion Crew $150.00
Super Lemon Jack SCLJ Scorpion Crew $150.00
Wild Berry SCWB Scorpion Crew $150.00
Amethyst Bud SOAB Soma Seeds $175.00
Big Kahuna SOBK Soma Seeds $175.00
Buddha's Sister SOBS Soma Seeds $135.00
Citralah SOCH Soma Seeds $175.00
Free Tibet SOFT Soma Seeds $175.00
Hash Heaven SOHH Soma Seeds $135.00
Kushadelic SOKH Soma Seeds $135.00
Lavender SOLV Soma Seeds $135.00
NYC Diesel SONY Soma Seeds $135.00
Reclining Buddha SORB Soma Seeds $175.00
Rock Bud SOKB Soma Seeds $175.00
Somango SOMG Soma Seeds $135.00
Somanna SOSM Soma Seeds $175.00
Somaui SOSM Soma Seeds $175.00
White Light SOWL Soma Seeds $175.00
White Willow SOWW Soma Seeds $175.00
A-train THAT T.H.Seeds $90.00
Bubblegum THBG T.H.Seeds $210.00
Cold Creek Kush THCK T.H.Seeds $180.00
Mendocino Madness THMM T.H.Seeds $110.00
Skunk XXX THSX T.H.Seeds $50.00

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