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Outdoor growing is the simplest method of cannabis cultivation, as nature will do most of the hard work. Which cannabis strains can be successfully grown outdoors depends entirely on climate. In this Outdoor Cannabis Seeds section, varieties that are suitable for growing out doors in cooler climates can be found. For example, a cannabis strain such as Silver Haze would be very difficult to achieve good results with in a cold climate with few hours of sunlight; however the same strain would thrive if growing outdoors in a sunny, Mediterranean kind of environment.

Strain Code Seedbank Price  
BC Pinewarp BCPW BC Bud Depot $75.00
BC Purple Star BCPS BC Bud Depot $60.00
Egmont Outdoor EGMT BC Bud Depot $60.00
Mighty Mite BCMM BC Bud Depot $75.00
Outdoor Mix BCOM BC Bud Depot $50.00
Texada Timewarp TXTW BC Bud Depot $75.00
Lambo THLB T.H.Seeds $200.00

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